Toyota is known all over the world for its focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

This principle is the key why Toyota is the number one auto brand and carmaker in the world today.

Ela Motors SI Ltd is committed to support this principle that embodies our existence as the number one dealership in the country. We ensure that the vehicles we sell undergo a thorough process before we release them to our customers.

Our people, the best asset of our company undergoes rigorous training to enhance their capabilities to deliver only the best in customer service. The philosophy of Kaizen (Japanese word for continuous improvement) enable us to improve our system and processes that best suit our customers.

Our customers are part of our Toyota family that we continually care for and respect. Your continued enthusiastic patronage, support and feedback would surely help us in continuously improving and maintaining our position of being the best customer service in town.

Come and visit us today and be part of the Toyota family.


Democrito E. Sayman Jr.



Our infrastructure has the size and capability to accommodate the ever growing number of customers in a very demanding market. More space for Parts, Service and Panel to house the state of the art technology and equipment that enable us to deliver quality service.
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